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Something I thought people might want to do...

On toriamos, which I won't join due to its high levels of batshittery, Tori fans have been doing a sort of rating thing with the songs, grouping them according to how much they like/dislike them; 5 is 'OMG wow this is amazingly brilliant', 4 is 'pretty great', 3 is 'good', 2 is 'OK', 1 is 'boring/meh/not keen' and 0 is 'DO NOT WANT'. Here's the Space equivalent.

5 - Avenging Angels, Danger, Fran In Japan, Gravity, I Am Unlike A Lifeform You've Ever Met, Influenza, Neighbourhood, Only Half An Angel, Theme From Baretta Vendetta

4 - The Ballad Of Tom Jones, Begin Again, Cameraman, Charlie M, Children Of The Night, Despise, Disco Dolly, Dopamine, Drop Dead, Female Of The Species, Had Enough, Hell Of A Girl, Hell's Barbecue, Me & You Vs The World, More Than A Friend, Mr Psycho, No One Understands, Now She's Gone, Piggies, Radio Hell, Sex In The Street, Single Bed, Spiders, Stress Transmissions, Sunny Afternoon, Supersonic Jetplane, Take A Walk, Turn Me On To Spiders, Unluckiest Man In The World, Zombies

3 - 20 Million Miles From Earth, Bad Days, Blow Your Cover, Dark Clouds, Diary Of A Wimp, The English Language Let Me Down, Evil Eye, Good Times, Growler, Happy Endings, Juno 54, Kill Me, Looney Tunes, Lost In Space, Lovechild Of The Queen, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, The Man, Money, Mr Jones, One O'Clock, Only The Rats, Paranoid 16, Psychotic Girl, Punk Rock Funeral, Quiet Beach, Raymond, Sexual Stereo, The Shit You Talk Is Beautiful, Spooky Bitch, Suburban Rock 'n' Roll, Voodoo Roller, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, Why Can't We Turn On The Lights?, Year Of The Underdog, Yes You Do

2 - Crisis, Everybody In The Madhouse, The Goodbye Song, Hitch-Hiking, I'm Free, If It's Real, A Liddle Biddy Help From Elvis, Lava Flow, Life Of A Miser, Major Pager, Nothing To Find Her, No-One's Going To Steal My Love, Numb The Doubt, Pretty Suicide, Thank You

1 - Anaesthetised, Bastard Me Bastard You, Be There, If I Ever, Love You More Than Football, Play Those Songs, Rejects, Straight Line, There's No You, Voices, You Romantic Fool

0 - Give Me Something, Now I'm History, Shut Your Mouth

So what's yours?
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