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Welcome to the neighbourhood.

Life's a suburban rock 'n' roll!

Fans of Space (the band!)
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Oh, they want to knock us down, cos they think we're scum
But we will all be waiting when the bulldozers come
In a neighbourhood like this, you know, it's hard to survive
So you'd better come prepared or they will take us alive
- Space, Neighbourhood

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Tommy Scott, Manchester Life Cafe, May 2003

Well, Space - the Scouse posse behind Female Of The Species, Neighbourhood, Tin Planet, Spiders etc. - are one of the greatest and most underrated bands ever, and I think it's about time they got an LJ community. As I write this, Space are working on their fourth album (or fifth album, if you include Love You More Than Football). Yorkie is also working on his own material, and apparently Franny's doing some producing stuff...but all is quiet on the Space front.

There aren't any rules apart from the usual no spamming and flaming and whatever, but if you are one of those annoying fans of Firehead (Jamie's new band) who goes round spamming Space sites, GO AWAY. Jamie's left, he still talks to Franny but he's not coming back, Space rule, get over it.

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Space in 1997, before Andy Parle buggered off

She's scared of the spiders and she's scared of the dark
She's scared of the bogeymen in the park
But if anybody comes near me, I know she'll cut their balls off
- Space, Turn Me On To Spiders